Important Update
Hey everyone, I am excited to let you know Riverhouse Hotel in Bend has graciously allowed us to move out PK / MK Escape date to March 23-25! The team and I are so grateful and excited to NOT cancel, but postpone this important event.

Two important things:
1) Because the hotel is allowing us to switch the dates, they will not add rooms for us, which unfortunately means we cannot add to our numbers. Therefore, this shift only affects those who have already registered.
2) I understand with shifting dates, some of your children may not be able to participate. Please let Katlin know if that is the case and we will make sure to issue you a refund. More importantly, the team and I would like to honor and love on your kid(s) in some way, knowing it will be a loss for them to not attend.
Either way, please let us know if your children are still able to attend and we will continue making preparations for this amazing weekend.

Once again, know that my wife and I, the PK / MK Escape team, and all of our OMN team deeply love and care for you and your kids. Thank you so much for your encouragement and support.

Grace and peace to you all!

Taylor Galbreath / Presenter
Amanda & Zane West / Worship
• Board Game Craze
• Football watch party
• Shopping Trip
• Trampoline Park
• Sledding
Faith Christian Center (Bend)
Riverhouse (Bend)
Bus Schedule
Saturday, Jan 13
• 10:00am: Tualatin (Neighborhood)
• 11:00am: Eugene
• 11:00am: Salem (Relevant Life East)
• 3:00pm: On-site: Bend (Faith Christian Center)
Monday, Jan 15
• 12:00pm: On-site: Bend (Faith Christian Center)
• 1:00pm: Salem (Relevant Life East)
• 2:00pm: Tualatin (Neighborhood)
• 2:30pm: Eugene