Remember to Breathe

Jeff Sandstrom

We make all decisions based on the stories in our lives that we think are true. This forms our worldview. These true stories come from our lives (personal experience, family, national history, even fairy tales and gossip) even what we watch on TV, hear from friends, and read in books.

People justify all that they do by the sum collection of true stories they have in their story book. Even gang members are completely convinced their actions are normal because they line up with their personal experience, their true stories.

The stories that you allow into your life, the stories that you consider and choose to receive as true shape who you are and what you become. This makes what you receive as true extremely important. What you breathe in determines what you breathe out. If you breathe in fear you will breath out paranoia. The same with foolishness… you will breath out hatred.

Wisdom is always essential and the greatest gift you can exercise. Be certain that the stories you are receiving are actually true. There are stories constantly all around us. The ones that you decide to tell yourself are true, are the ones that will shape who you are and what you become.

Just for a moment:
Pause the scrolling
Turn off the news 
Walk outside and see all that the Lord has done.
Breathe in
Not panic, fear, or anxiety, but his beautiful creation.
And know that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

May your storybook be full of stories that are true and life-giving.