3 Resources for Parents

Khalil Burton

As a parent, helping your kids learn to trust God with their lives and navigate the challenges that society throws at them is one of the most important things you can do as they grow. But where can you turn to find the resources that will help you? That’s always one of the most pressing questions for parents and grandparents with limited time.

Well, take a deep breath and look no further because these three resources are going to change the game for you and your family.


Axis is a one-stop-shop of phenomenal resources both paid and free to bring your kids timeless truth in a culturally relevant fashion. With a massive collection of written, audio, and video resources, AXIS has engaged in some of the most important topics of our day.

Some Quick Highlights

Parent Guides a PDF library to help you talk to your kids about everything from depression and anxiety to social media and sexuality.

On-demand Webinars - Wouldn’t it be nice to have high-quality conferences and seminars happen under your own roof? Well, ask and you shall receive! Get practical tips to start having life-changing conversations on the most pressing topics facing your children today.

The Culture Translator – What would it be like to have a full-time automated research assistant in your home to help you navigate things you didn't even know were happening in your student’s life? The culture translator is just that! A weekly email with a glimpse into what's influencing teens right now. Insightful perspective on the relevant topics in their world and a helpful nudge to start conversations about the underlying issues.

2. Parent Cue

Parent Cue is an awesome tool put together by the leaders at Orange. There aren’t very many websites with a wider collection of resources for parents and grandparents. Whether you’re raising a baby or a young adult, Parent Cue has the most well-rounded library for parents that I’ve ever seen.

Some Quick Highlights

Parent Cue App Yes, they have an app, and it’s great! The leaders at Parent Que have put together a plan of discipleship so you don’t have it. The goal is to grow your child’s character, help them form deep habits, and strengthen your relationship with them.

Parent Cue Podcast A great podcast with episodes on a variety of parenting topics to resource you and your family. From technology and goals to adoption and partnering with grandparents, this is a huge resource.

The Blog —What makes this blog special is simply how practical these articles are.

Books, Books, BooksProbably one of the best-curated libraries of books for parents of kids, teens, and young adults out there. A highlight: Parenting Your… Book Series has an age-specific parenting book for every grade.

3. Fuller Youth Institute

Fuller Youth Institute is one of the leading youth specialists in research and family resources with the goal of making the church the best place for youth to grow.

Some Quick Highlights

Parent Library While Fuller has many resources for families and leaders, this resource contains a quick collection of books, and articles specifically geared towards you, the parent.

Podcasts – Looking for podcasts you can listen to during the week? Two phenomenal podcasts Faith in an Anxious World Parenting Podcasts and Growing With Parenting are two podcasts centered on mental health and navigating the challenges of parenting.

Books, Blogs & Courses – with researched-based and highly practical articles on family, doubt, and culture, Fuller has a rich library that’s probably already written on that pressing issue you’re processing through. In addition, there are courses on many of their books and blogs to unpack them.

Hopefully, these resources provide a great launching pad for you and your family. May you be encouraged and equipped in your calling to cultivate the heart of your child toward God.